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The Aesir are the deities of Norse mythology, and represent a third option after the Pesedjet and Dodekatheon. While the Pesedjet are traditionalists in favour of absoulte social order, and the Dodekatheon believe in the triumph of the individual, the Aesir promote both community stability and personal rights. Thus family and nation are important, but so are the rights of the individual. The Aesir’s greatest flaw is that they are tied more closely to the web of Fate than other Pantheons – nearly every Norse deity is fated to die at Ragnarok, and they struggle to avoid that inevitable doom.

Their Overworld is known as Asgard, their home fortress. Their underworld is known as Helheim.

Scions of the Aesir espouse the virtues of Courage, Endurance, Expression and Loyalty.


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