Thundercrag Dwarves

Master Craftsmen of the Gods


The dwarfs of Thundercrag live deep with in the mountain north of Hammer’s Fall. Infact when the first settlers of came to the land they named it after sound of the dwarfs hammers pounding out Godly weapons that they assumed was thunder on the otherside of the mountains. Led currently by Throg.

Dwarfs are on average a good deal shorter than either men or elves of the Warhammer world making them ideally suited to the tunnels in which they live and work (the average dwarf being estimated to be at approximately 4’5”-5’0”). Their bodies seem purpose built for manual labour, solidly muscled, broad shouldered and large thick fingered hands that belie considerable manual dexterity. Dwarfs are a very long lived race with life-spans that can run into centuries. As a dwarf becomes older so his beard becomes longer and thicker. Since dwarfs have a deep inbuilt respect for age it would be unthinkable for a dwarf to cut off or even trim their beards. Like the Orcs, dwarfs appear to become stronger and stronger the older they get, but unlike the Orcs, there appears to be a “Breaking Point” where the dwarf’s health declines rapidly, always happening just a few years before the dwarf dies of old age.

Female dwarfs are very rarely seen outside dwarf realms which has led many people to believe that dwarf males can have babies or that dwarf women have beards. These models, like their male counterparts, are heavily built, armed and armoured; are muscular and grim, but instead of long beards have long hair wound into similar braids, worn beneath the helmet which they treasure as greatly as males do their beard.


Thundercrag Dwarves

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