Michael Hardrock

Coach of a college wrestling team


Physical-4 Dexterity-4 Stamina-3 Charisma-2 Manipulation-3 Appearence-4 Perception-1 Intelligence-3 Wits-3

My Birthrights Chaos Sky Fire Odin’s Eye Animal

My Virtues Courage-4 Endurance-2 Expression-1 Loyalty-2


I am a 34 year old Wrestling coach who has never been married. My parents were devoriced when I was young and I was raised by my stepfather. Even though my parents live in Texas, I talk to them almost every weekend. I was never married, for the fact of never finding the right one. Now, I wish I had done it at a younger age. Living alone with your two dogs (1 pit-bull, 1 bull-mastif) does sound like a lonesome lifestyle, but hey, in California, who needs a roomate! If I’m not at home or working, you can usually find me in the gym. This little bit of self-time does tend to calm ones mind. In the time i’ve been here, I have found one woman that has even come close to being the right one. She and I have been on a few dates and she has even stayed with me from time to time. She could be the one. My students do mean a lot to me. They keep me on my toes and give me a good laugh, however they are not the type of companion that I need. Things have been here lately that I can’t understand though. My Strength has seemed to be increasing at a much faster rate, however, I pay the price the next day from the massive migrains. Maybe I’m just pushing myself to hard. Maybe I need some time away, maybe….......................

Michael Hardrock

Hammer Falls, Califonia rooster34