Hammer Falls, Califonia

2cd session

Sunflower journeyed to Hammer Fall’s Historical society and researched the Gilmore Amptheratre. Having little luck [1 success] she then choose to contact the president of the Historical Society, Henry Rose. Sunflower formulated a plan to hold music and art festival in addition to a community signature drive and use the proceeds to give to Historical Society to buy the Gilmore. Sunflower tried to rally support with Henry Rose and found while he thought it was a lost cause offered two allies. Councilman White a local political figure is always looking for community concerns to support to keep up his appearance as a man of the community. Also a local attorney who does a lot of pro bono work for the community despite his success.

Mako Lee left Java Journey and traveled to the Pools of Eternity to try and reach his father.

Elektra rushed across campus to meet Ali Najari under the watchful eye of her band mate Drake. A seemingly chance encounter turned into an intense meaningful conversation [4 successes]. The girls shared coffee and Ali her life’s story. Ali left thinking she had just meet her new best new friend.

Michael Hardrock received a mysterious phone call and left the cafeteria.

Niki spoke with Manny Flores at length at the South American Exhibit at the Natural Museum. Niki learned that Manny while knowledgeable was only a volunteer. Manny’s actual occupation was a trainer/coach for the local MMA fight club, the Coliseum. While looking around she astutely observed ALL the security measures in place [5 successes].

Sunflower traveled to the Gilmore and met Marcus Weathers, the Trustee.

Mako and Elektra had a brief meeting as he was leaving the Pools of Eternity and she was coming in. He had just learned as Elektra soon would that their divine parents where no where to be found at the Pools and the Norns or fates whatever those women are wouldn’t interact with either Scion.

Drake left to try and find Artimis’s Sacred grove to look in on the satyr Lothar. Due to his work previously Drake eventually found the hidden trail. He found the Sacred Grove beautiful but in desperate need of water.

Niki was given a good up and close look at the Aztec sword that Ares ordered her to retrieve as Manny showed his prowess with an impromptu sword exhibition. As the blade was displayed closer to her Niki’s ichor reacted with the divine properties of the blade. Looking over the blade and handle closely Niki discover an out of place symbol placed inconspicuously into the adorning. It seemed to be the astrological symbol of Scorpio.

Elektra went home and did Internet research on Ali finding her myspace, facebook, twitter, and minor accredations for Ali Najari. Not finding any new information out just a more rounded view. Realizing the band needed to sit down and talk invited all the group to pot luck the next night.

Mako researched the progress of the exploration team headed to Deadman’s cove. He found them in the final planning stages and by luck they had an opening well suited for him. It is being headed up by Cali Winters and Mako threw together a resume and emailed it for her consideration. Then headed to the Gilmore to see why Apollo wanted it saved.

Sunflower tried to light a fire under Marcus weathers but all she got was a slow burning spark [2 successes]. After a brief history lesson of how it was built by Miriam Gilmore supposedly for a unknown lover had its hey day form the 40’s to the 70’s. When Miriam passed away the Gilmore was willed to Griffin University as a private donation. It fell into disrepair in the 90’s due to a drop in quality performances and lack of funding from the University. Also she found out Blackpool was willing to pay $10 million for the property. Far and above what the property should be worth. As they were passing a prop door Sunflower’s ichor reacted to something behind the door.

[Jason decided his Guide: 2 would be an earth elemental that has a better knowledge of the wild areas of the world than he would. I named it Petros.] Drake called upon his guide Petros to ask why the Sacred Grove was so dry. Petros advised to speak to Lothar the grove guardian and gave directions. Lothar recognized the son of Artemis and thinking Drake as his executioner offered his throat for failing his goddess to protect the grove. Drake calmed Lothar as the old goat told him of how the Atzlanti god Tlaloc came upon the grove one night and stole the groves water source to fill his pitcher. Since then the Sacred Grove is slowly dieying and as his life force is tied to the grove so is he. Drake offered the satyr his canteen, which Lothar quickly and gratefully took only to use its water to nourish a dying flower bush rather than he.

Marcus explained to Sunflower that behind the door was old discarded props and allowed her access. Sunflower followed her heart to what at first glance seemed to be nothing more than a prop bow used in past performances of Greeks plays. However to her newly opened divine eyes she saw the bow as a relic, a wooden bow carved out a gleaming white wood with a pull string of fire. Also upon examination she found a stylized symbol of the astrological sign of Sagittarius carved into the bows adornments. Mako wandered into the Gilmore about this time and met up with Marcus and asked about the who’s and whey’s to the sale of the Gilmore.

Manny Flores asked Niki out for an authentic Mexican dinner, which she accepted and made quite the impression on him [4 successes].

The next day, Mako impersonated a pizza deliveryman and somehow got in to Blackpool’s acquisitions department and cornered their department head. Mako got a typical corporate answer why Blackpool was interested in the Gilmore, money. His bosses wanted the property for economic gain plain and simple. He even offered a charitable donation if her could get a tax write off receipt.

The band minus, Michael Hardrock who was mysteriously absent gathered at Elektra’s for potluck, drinks, and debriefing of their assorted findings.

Sunflower spoke about the save the Gilmore campaign. Elektra said she would help out with some sculpture so it’s an art fair. It was kicked around about how to get the Rolling Stones to play. Mako passed on his findings at Blackpool as well as a possible donation. Also had in her possession the bow she found.

Elektra spoke about how she had met Ali, Bastet’s Scion, and how good she was in with her. Mako suggested that Ali’s ruination could wait as it seemed more was being revealed in connections were being found still.

Drake asked for help with transporting water to the Sacred Grove. [Ed realize he had points left and bought a Relic: 1 in the form of a trident giving himself access to the purview of Water and a chatline to his Guide: 2 a mermaid in Deadman’s Cove]. A quick google also gave the band information on the Aztec God of rain, Tlaloc and how he carried a pitcher to pour out the rains in folklore.

Niki also spoke about the Aztec sword Ares told her to receive had a Zodiac symbol of Scorpio in its decoration. In addition of her relationship with Manny and the security of the museum. The band thought it would be best to leave it under the museums protection for now.

Much to Mako’s frustration his guide had not found a sunken treasure ship for him to loot as of yet. [Manly because guides are information purposes only, helpers fall under the category of Followers, came cost though.]

The band also made the conclusion that their pledge to find the 12 Treasure of Heaven was somehow connected to the 12 Zodiac symbols. Was it just coquincidence that The bow and Aztec sword had Zodiac symbols on them? On closer inspection would the brass bowl drawn by Lucy Winters have a Zodiac symbol on it somewhere? Maybe Aquarius, the water barer possibly? Mako brought up the point of even if they gathered up the 12 Treasures what would happen then. Would they form the gate the Gods were afraid of? Could they be destroyed? How could they pass from mortal hands to the Divines? No one in the band could put forth an answer. The common pledge of protecting Lucy Winters was brought up. Mako told of tracking Molly Winters down and making first contact. He also revealed the two prophecy’s Lucy told and how she could remember even saying anything. Elektra suggested that maybe a woman should try to talk to Molly and get close after Mako told of how she had been hurt by a man before.

The session ended by the band spending the rest of the night getting to one another over food and drinks then leaving to their own homes.

First Session

Friday June 19, 2009- Ed and Angie’s

The Picnic It was time for the Annual Griffin University Picnic. A yearly event to give a chance for school faculty and the student body can mingle together. After much feasting the highlight of the picnic got underway, The Great Hunt. The participants are randomly drawn (actually they are hand picked by Athena and Ares in a yearly non violent challenge) and set against one another till there is just one team still standing.

The Hunt Funny how it happened but the hero’s seemed to be the last ones of their team as the Hunt drew to a close. The day’s summer showers had evolved into full blown thunderstorms. This led the hero’s becoming lost deeper and deeper in the woods. Finally coming to the realization that they were lost the heroes tried to make a suitable shelter but was unsuccessful (no successes. Michael Hardrock and Drake then looked to the west and from a flash of light saw a cave on a rocky outcropping. Due to the terrain and the weather beating down on the heroes it took some more than others to make it to safety. Electra explored the cave making sure no animals called their shelter home.

Sunflower had a near fatal brush with nature as she finally stumbled to the cave ledge. Luckily she made it into the cave a massive lighting bolt slammed into the Earth a few mere inches behind her violently knocking her face first into the cave. As if on cue Electra noticed a section of wall at the cave’s back reveal a staircase going down. Elektra alerted the others and as a group the descended into the barely lit deaths.

The group noticed a series of mosaics adorning the walls Sunflower was able better than the rest to realize that the mosaics all represent scenes of culturally diverse views of their Gods. The steps were chiseled out of the natural hardrock by hand and lit by no movable ever burning torches every twenty feet.

As the first of the party reached the bottom step it opened to a small cavern filled with a faintly glowing pool of water and three women. Depending at the angle they were looking at the women they were all working on a spindle, measuring threads, or stirring a cauldron. They group all notice the scenes resembled the mythological fates or Norn’s of Fate. While the rest of the party descended the stairs Hardrock, Drake, and Ed all tried to question the Fates to no avail.

Divine Intervention Translucent images of Odin, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis and Poseidon arose from the waters as the youngest fate told the tale of how the once imprisoned Titans of old broke free of their prisons somehow and now assault the very gates of Overworld. She also told of the Gods plans to visit their children and empower them to battle the Titan spawned minions unleashed on the Earth. Thereby building on their own legends so that one day the may move from hero’s to demigods and eventually join their parents as Gods.

The Pledge’s In exchange for powerful birthrights the heroes swore a trio of pledges bound by Fate. The first is a simple one, to defend Griffin University as a place of Expression and Intellect (Virtues of both Aesir and Dodektheon Pantheons). The heroes will do their best to defend the school from threats both within and without.

The second is to protect a six year old girl by the name Lucy Winters. Fate has marked her as a Sybil. A Sybil is a type of prophet or oracle where Fate itself speaks through. Until she reaches her potential agents of evil will pursue her and she will need heroes.

The third one is worthy of giving them Hero status in the eyes of the Gods. Before the Gods took power an unnamed Titan built a gateway from Overworld to Earth. The purpose for the building is unknown but what is known is that if possessed somehow by the Titans today it spells the immediate destruction of the Earth and the slavery to its entire people. The Gods unable to destroy the Gate were able to separate its power into 12 different pieces. To protect themselves the Gods gave each of the pieces to a number of Pantheons so no one pantheon could fall and the Gate are rebuilt.

Parental Request Odin asked his Scion Michael Hardrock to check on the Thundercrag Dwarves near Hammer’s Bay. He asked them to construct something for him awhile back and has lost touch with them.

Aphrodite living up to her nature as a jealous God asked Elektra to ruin a Scion of her Egyptian rival named Bastet Scion, Ali Najiri.

Apollo asked Sunflower to save the Gilmore Apitheatre that is being sold to a developer named Blackpool.

Ares briskly ordered his Scion Niki to recover a sword that was his originally but had fallen away from his hands through the centuries.

Artemis asked Drake to look in a favored Satyr named Lothar that tends the Sacred Grove located near his house. He is dyeing and to ease his passing.

Poseidon warned his Scion Ed that his department at Griffin University was on the verge of discovering the wreckage of a Spanish Galleon that he sunk but now uses for his own purposes. Poseidon asked his Scion to use his position and influence to steer the group away from Deadman’s Cove or to kill the project all together.

Getting started Electra, Ed, Niki, and Sunflower went out to eat and discussed what just happened to them all. Coach Hardrock went to lift weights to clear his head. Drake immediately ran to the wood to find the Satyr Lothar made a bit of progress but not finding his quarry. Lunch broke up as Niki wandered to a local Museum with a special South American exhibit. Elektra went to her studio and began sculpting the face of her Divine parents’ rival Scion. Sunflower spent time in the county courthouse looking over the legal plans to sell the Gilmore Amphitheatre, finding she had 2 weeks before the sale was final. Ed went online and contacted Molly Winters by face book and arranged a meeting under the guise of being new to town.

At the Coffee shop,Java Journey , ed met Lucy Winters and experienced 2 revalations from her Sybil powers. She spoke of 12 stars falling from heaven and the need for them to be found. Ed saw a drawing of a bowl known as the Bowl of Woo Fan (Aquarius). The second revalation was a sntrange symbol Dark Trinity) and that three dark forces had aligned to find the 12 Trasures of Heaven.

Hardrock and Drake decided to have a bite to eat together and discuss things at the school cafeteria. Niki Found the sword known as a Soulcrusher in the museum and learned from the curator Manny Flores that the sword was according to folklore made by the Atzlanti God Huitzilopochtli long ago. While in the cafeteria Drake and Hardrock looked out the corner of their eye saw Ali Nayarit sit beside them. Drake stepped outside as Hardrock used his Knack, Charmer, to have Ali hang out as Drake called Elektra to come over.

As we wrapped up, Drake was walking back into the Cafeteria as Ali and Hardrock sat at the table talking. Ed was sitting in Java Journey. Sunflower was finishing up at the court house thinking she might need some help to find a loophole. Elektra is racing across campus to meet Drake and Hardrock. Niki is in the museum having a delightful conversation with Manny Flores.


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